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Sunday December 4th, 2005
That's right, it's been so many years, and my page is now For anyone who actually visits this page this year, please go to the new one. This is likely the last time I ever update this site, as I am moving all the old files to the new one anyway. Thanks folks!

Welcome to my web site!


Sunday November 23rd, 2003...

Hi! Just added that year thing so you'd's been a long time! This site will most likely feature no new updates from now on, as i am starting a new site made in FLASH! i will, however, maintain this site for countless devoted fans(yeah right!). Desert Warrior is a cancelled project, but the community weapons mod is in progress! Visit doomworld forums for details, and i'll put the URL of my new page here once it's up! You can still download mouac from its page and the icd-se beretta add-on thingy from this page. This site will now just be a remnant of the past, but i will sign in to tripod every now and then to check up on the site. i will probably put up a message once or twice a year so people know its still being kept in good condition, but most work will go on the new site.


Whew! That was a lot to say, but there it is. Happy dooming!


Monday November 19th, 2002...

New members to the team! Please welcome CARNAGE and KULMA! Also there is a new(and less controversial) and better storyline for Desert Warrior on the new 'background' page. Other than that, added two new guns to Desert Warrior, and a demo should be released soon, hopefully! Also, deleted D2M due to the fact my webspace is limited and D2M sucks, and helped out with some DDF troubles on Lizardcommando's ICD Lizard Edition.


Tuesday November 5th...

Just tweaked some stuff and fixed dead pictures.


Friday November 1st...

Desert Warrior: The Isreali Special Forces simulation Total Conversion.

Join the team! E-mail me today if you have ample experience with EDGE,

whether it be RTS, DDF, or EDGE levels(3d stuff with RTS). So far it's just

me and Lurker(Map Design), so people step on up! E-mail me for more info

and if you want to join the team.


UPDATE: Marines of UAC is now in the testing stage and will be released soon.



Monday October  7th...

Yo. Has anyone ever played ICD-SE and used the dual 1911's and ever thought: wouldn't this be cool if it had berettas in it?(Well I have.) Well, now it does! Grab the add-on to the MOD by Cory Whittle and give it a go(that's right, add-on, it's not just a skin). New sounds are also included and the readme file will tell you everything you need to know to run that little ass-kicker. Have fun.


Tuesday September 24th...

'Sup y'all. Just been working on MOUAC and DECIDED to NOT let you see any more of the precious weapons available in the MOD. That would ruin it for you. So what you see is what you see, but the full MOUAC will include about 18 weapons in total. Many thanks to the guy who sent me D2M. He was the only one! Too bad i deleted that e-mail and forgot his name. Thanks anyway! You know who you are. So see everyone later.

Wednesday September 4th...
(Someone already e-mailed me D2M, so move your mouse away from the send button and click the [cancel] on your e-mail.)
Tuesday September 3rd...
Added BETTER pics for the marine armory in the mouac page and upgraded the m249 description. Also added another weapon to mouac and its page. Check it out. Moo-ack. I'll keep you posted.
Tuesday August 13th...
Sorry! Haven`t updated in a while. for most MODMakers it`s the usual time break, but i update more often as you can tell. Well, let me put it straight cuz there`s a lot to say! First off, A NEW SITE DEVOTED JUST TO MARINES OF UAC!
Second, the site has everything(weapons, screens, features). Also, I`ve got three free weeks ahead of me to work on MOUAC, so you can probably expect it end of August! I`m also thinking of making a simple MOD just to keep you guys busy(like, an actual good one unlike D2M and like MOUAC, just less stuff). If I get, um, a lot of e-mails saying make a mod, i`ll do it, but you can expect MOUAC to be postponed. And one last thing- I've fixed a few bugs in D2M, and now the railgun actually works like a railgun. Also, a new weapon's been added to the fray. That's all. See ya!
Tuesday July 2nd...
My old e-mail address has been restored ( I have also just tweaked the page just for the sake of updating. I won't be able to get much work done on MOUAC cuz I'm busy lately, but I've decided it's just going to be a weapons MOD. If you want to help design levels for my next project, which will be like a SWAT type game, e-mail me.
*new comment*
SWAT game? Nah, I'll never finish MOUAC if I keep focusing on other stuff. Just expect to see SWAT-type weapons in MOUAC. Besides, everyone loves 'em(the classics: MP5(navy), SPAS-12, Socom, Colt M1911, Maybe a Glock or two, Silenced FN 57, and so forth).
Monday June 25th...
The King of Killers. Cancelled. Sad, no, it was based off C.W.'s ICD-SE and showed no work on my part. I'm starting a new MOD called "Marines of UAC", and it will be more than just weapons. I'm looking also for someone familiar with making levels for either legacy or edge cuz they're both capable of floor above floor. I will do the ddf-ing for scripts and so forth but i'm trying to make something unique, as oppose to just levels where you simply killkillkill! Like, talking to guys and stuff. e-mail me. MOUAC will be ready sometime not toooooo soon, but soon enough, as long as somebody else does my levels(me? do levels? one roomers with two demons and no differing textures? unless that's what you want...).
Wednesday June 19th...
Added my first MOD, DooM ][ MODified. Go grab it on the FILES page.
Other than that, not much happening. Work on The King of Killers, my "going-to-be-big" release, is going slow. Send me those user-made mods or files, like art enhancements or changes. See ya!
Tuesday June 18th...
Just opened my site! Welcome! There will only be about three news announcements at a time due to not overflowing my space limit. I'm new to modding but have a passion for it! E-mail me as well for more information!

         -C.W. on Immoral Conduct DDF and stupid Nazis

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